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Tony’s Pizza Expands Next Door With New Concept

Photo: Food & Wine

Tony Gemignani, owner of the much ballyhooed Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, is taking over the next door deli space at 1556 Stockton for a brand new concept that he says only is “something that San Francisco has never seen.” As the Scoop reports, La Spiaggia has shuttered after less than two years, and in eight weeks time (give or take) Tony will be using the tiny space for an eatery with a fresh, but likely Italian angle.

He’s not ruling out some kind of pizza, but give the glut of new pizza places coming our way, that wouldn’t qualify as all that new.

Could it be a meatball shop, à la Daniel Holzman’s popular NYC concept? We should know more within a few weeks.

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Tony’s Pizza Expands Next Door With New Concept