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The Sandwich Spot Opening Soon in Santa Monica

From Sacramento to SaMo
From Sacramento to SaMo Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Looks like L.A. is getting a new deli courtesy of NorCal. “The Sandwich Spot” is currently under construction on Ocean Park with an advertised promise that it’s “coming soon.” This will be the eighth planned location of the Sacramento-based chain and the first in Southern California. A look at Sandwich Spot’s online menu shows a selection of made-to-order sammies alongside salads, chips, and drinks. Sandwiches here are all named after people we don’t know, though we’d love an introduction to “Dirty Dawn” or “Easy Eddie.” So what’s going on inside?

The recipes are more familiar and classic than the titles, with BLTs, roast beef, pastrami and sauerkraut, thanksgiving sandwiches, and at least one veggie choice among the 24 options. Sandwiches are priced around $7.50 -$8 and design-your-own options abound starting at $6.50, pricing these sandwiches just slightly under new Mendocino Farms and Earl’s Gourmet Grub nearby. We’ll let you know when the doors officially open here and if it compares to those famous names when it does.

3101 Ocean Park Blvd. Santa Monica

The Sandwich Spot Opening Soon in Santa Monica