Sticks & Stones Opening Soon, Sans Cheese Whiz

Sticks & Stones
Sticks & Stones Photo: Collin Keefe

Nick Miglino has been trying to open his bar and restaurant Sticks & Stones since the spring of 2008. First there were structural problems, followed by a series of electrical issues. After that he had to redo the plumbing. Then he had to revamp the tap system — twice! Now, nearly two years later, an opening may be just four or five weeks away. “I wanted to open about a year ago,” Miglino told Grub Street. “But a number of things went wrong. Not everyone can open a Stephen Starr restaurant where everything goes without a hitch.”

Miglino will run the kitchen himself with the help of a small team of cooks. The menu will feature a mix of Asian, Latin and American dishes, highlighted by Korean fried chicken, dumplings, and original interpretations of classic Philly sandwiches. “I promise you that there will not be any Cheese Whiz on the premises,” he said. The bar will feature twelve taps, 60 to 80 bottled beers, and sixteen wines available by the glass.

Sticks & Stones, 1909 E. Passyunk Ave., no phone yet.

Sticks & Stones Opening Soon, Sans Cheese Whiz