State Audits Restaurants; Bill Cosby Jell-O Spokesman Again

• More than 1,000 city restaurants underwent sales-tax audits last fiscal year, a 60 percent increase in a revenue-hungry state. [WSJ]

• A customer recently accused a Brooklyn Heights Key Foods of doctoring the expiration dates on a package of D’Artagnan chicken. [Brooklyn Paper]

• After a ten-year hiatus, Bill Cosby is the face of Jell-O once again. [USA Today]

Covet’s drink menu includes a $160 cocktail, the Icarus. [NYDN]

• Arby’s recent financial slide is “among the worst in modern restaurant history,” according to an industry analyst. [NYDN]

• Fleming’s Steakhouse overhauled its menu to better appeal to women, by including dishes like porcini-rubbed filet mignon and salmon-nicoise salad. [NRN]

• States interested in taxing candy are having a hard time defining what, exactly, candy is. [Real Time Economics/WSJ]

• A North Carolina waitress was fired after complaining about tips on Facebook. [Charlotte Observer via HuffPo]

• A coalition of 80 top food companies vowed yesterday to remove 1.5 trillion calories from their products to fight obesity. [Salon]

• Some pizzerias in Naples may be using used coffin wood in their ovens. [France24 via Feast]

• A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that, while processed meats like bacon and sausage raise the risk for heart disease, burgers and steak do not. [WSJ]

State Audits Restaurants; Bill Cosby Jell-O Spokesman Again