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Standing in Line Becomes a Real Beach at SBE’s New Club

Photo: SBE

You’d think SBE would be busy bringing its actual beachfront property, Gladstones, further up to the level where its dodgy past is a distant memory. Instead, the hospitality company is recreating a sandy shoreline in Hollywood’s old White Lotus space with a new club called The Colony, debuting tonight on Cahuenga with its own imported beach and a lifeguard tower at the entrance. Already, the photos on Eater remind us of an upscale version of Sunset’s Cabo Cantina, though this spot will apparently serve warm weather goodies like sushi and popsicles, at least for the opening. A press release tells us that this club is going for a Hamptons vibe and is currently the biggest in SBE’s collection, with 13,000 square-feet of indoor-outdoor space for dancing and drinking, flooring made from wood planks to feel like a boardwalk, wood shutters, cabanas, and a landscaped outdoor area. So what’s with the name?

The title comes from a contest in which SBE asked its followers to name its next club. Despite 4,000 entries, the company still stuck with a typically cold and foreboding name that reminds us of other SBE places like Area, XIV, or Industry. Strange for a beach-theme, no? Oh well, “Colony” should at least fit the sheep-like nature of those who endure waiting behind velvet ropes, likely the key demo here. Let’s see if this one takes off and rekindles some of the company’s old energy, or if everyone opts for the actual beach this summer instead.

The Colony 1743 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood

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Standing in Line Becomes a Real Beach at SBE’s New Club