Spring Can Be Yours for $300,000!

Spring in Bucktown
Spring in Bucktown Photo: swanksalot/Flickr

Spring, the influential Bucktown restaurant featuring the cooking of Chef Shawn McClain, is up for sale. According to Steve Dolinksy, co-owners Peter and Sue Drohomyrecky and McClain decided to part ways and sell the nearly ten year old restaurant. The asking price is $300,000. The economy is only partly blamed for the sale, with the biggest disagreement occurring over the other restaurants the three own.

Once again, according to Dolinksy, the Drohomyrecky’s and chef Shawn McClain couldn’t decide how to equally divide up the revenues from Green Zebra and the Custom House Tavern. Initially, Mclain was going to take Green Zebra, while the Drohomyreck’s would own the Custom House Tavern. But McClain changed his mind and wanted both.

Spring had some impressive alumni work in its kitchen. Stephanie Izard and Valerie Bolon worked as line cooks at the restaurant in its early days. Both went on to compete in Season 4 of Top Chef, with Izard winning. As we hope everyone knows, she plans to open The Girl and the Goat soon. Bolon became a private chef, and also started a Culinary Speakeasy series in Chicago.

Spring for sale: The popular Bucktown restaurant hits the market []

Spring Can Be Yours for $300,000!