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USHG Doth Protest Too Much About Battery Park Shake Shack

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

After Eater teased the possibility of Danny Meyer looking at opening spaces in the Embassy Suites building in Battery Park City (best known, perhaps, as “that building where the movie theater is”), a tipster writes to Tribeca Citizen, “The Danny Meyer thing is for real … Goldman now owns those buildings, and they’re negotiating with him.” We put in a call to Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group and got a fairly standard evasion: “With Shake Shack and all of our businesses, we’re approached a lot and there’s a lot of rumors. We don’t comment on anything until we announce something. Shake Shack’s definitely a growing business, and our whole company is growing as well.”

But wait! Who said anything about Shake Shack? We just asked if USHG were opening a restaurant there. We know that Meyer is looking for a downtown location, and considering Battery Park is, well, a park, it seems not unreasonable for him to want to bring Shake Shack to the neighborhood. It’s not like Will Goldfarb’s Picnick kiosks pose any real threat.

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USHG Doth Protest Too Much About Battery Park Shake Shack