Say Goodbye to Grezzo

Alissa Cohen
Alissa Cohen Photo: Courtesy of Alissa Cohen

Raw food mecca Grezzo will soon close its Boston and Newburyport locations, as originally reported on Chowhound and confirmed on owner Alissa Cohen’s blog. Though both locations turn a good profit, Cohen writes that the stress is just too much: “There became a huge split between my spiritual self (my true self) and my physical reality. And, as I talk about in my book, when you’re not in line with your destiny that is when disturbances occur.”

Said disturbances include a nerve condition in her foot and beginning to “feel more and more like I wasn’t really living in my truth.” Grezzo fans need not fear, though: Cohen’s post promises that “in October when the book comes out, you’ll know the secrets to all of the amazing recipes that we served and be able to make them yourself!”

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Say Goodbye to Grezzo