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Sang Yoon Confirms Lukshon Is Coming to Culver City in 2010

Lukshon will reportedly neighbor Father's Office 2.0
Lukshon will reportedly neighbor Father’s Office 2.0 Photo: Arnold/Inuyaki via Flickr

Back in February, Sang Yoon tried to dampen the enthusiasm mounting over his forthcoming restaurant, Lukshon, saying the concept “was just a conversation I had, and I guess someone wrote about it.” This weekend The Wall Street Journal found Sang singing a new song, confirming that Lukshon is coming to Culver City “later this year.” So, what’s on Yoon’s mind as he eschews burgers for “B-Rings?”

The chef says he loves bistro-eating and naturally finds a better French cooking fix in New York than L.A., even if he has no plans to endow the city with its own Father’s Office. Instead the chef plans to “elevate” Southeast Asian cooking back home at Lukshon, promising not to “dumb down the flavors” while boosting dishes like a Thai beef salad with “American wagyu” and microgreens.

Certainly Sang could play it safe and churn out F.O.’s successfully for an eternity, but much like Roy Choi did at Chego!, he recognizes the growing popularity of Asian food and is pushing himself to create tastes that comment on our city’s diet as much as expand the flavors within. With Jordan Kahn and Noah Ellis giving Vietnamese eats a make-over at Red Medicine, Yoon’s celebration of Southeast eats could further mark a new era in Los Angeles for the region’s cuisine.

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Sang Yoon Confirms Lukshon Is Coming to Culver City in 2010