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Richie Nakano Defends Himself Against Aggressive Yelper

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Chef Richie Nakano, following a wildly crowded but arguably rocky first outing with Hapa Ramen last weekend (for the record, Nakano blames electrical issues for the lukewarm broth and doughy noodles), has been taken to task by an aggressive young lady named Lorelei who, naturally, is a Yelper who tends toward the negative. Rather than accept her token for free ramen, which was offered to all dissatisfied guests, she’s gone complaining far and wide about her experience and telling Nakano to “abandon the venture.”

After an extended email exchange, Nakano — a.k.a. Line Cook and never one to mince words — replied, “Fuck you, you sad, miserable person.” He has since detailed the fight via Twitter. “My parents didn’t raise a chump,” he writes, “and you can only push me so far.”

We imagine this is something every chef in town has wanted to say to a Yelp member or three, be they “Elite” or no.

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Richie Nakano Defends Himself Against Aggressive Yelper