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Pizza Truck Cruises for Hot Girls on Craigslist

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It’s been several months since the Pizza Truck was overrun by rats, but clearly it could still use some positive publicity. Hence a Craigslist ad titled “LOOKING FOR HOT GIRL !!” Usually when restaurateurs go this route, they have the sense to use code words like “fashionable,” “stylish,” and “friendly,” but the Pizza Truck’s ad puts it this way: “Looking for Hot Bikini or Short Shirt Pizza Girl to serve pizza samples outside our new Pizza Truck, Bring us customers and Collect Money.” Okay, so what do you have to do other than stand around the meatpacking district at 3 a.m., giving the trannies a run for their money?

Responsibilities will be:
- Look Hot
- Collect cash
- Attract people to truck with free samples
- Be friendly and nice

For that you get $75 for a four to five hour shift (plus tips if you bring your own stripper pole!).

$100 — LOOKING FOR HOT GIRL !! FOOD SERVICE ~ ~ ~ PIZZA $100 5 hrs (West Village) [Craigslist]

Pizza Truck Cruises for Hot Girls on Craigslist