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Pim and Kauffman Have a Twitter Fight

Chef Marc Forgione
Chef Marc Forgione Photo: Photo: Melissa Horn

Our NY cohorts today note the battle between Times Diner’s Journal writer Ron Lieber and chef Marc Forgione, after Forgione kicked Lieber out of his restaurant last weekend. (Backstory: Forgione was audibly yelling at his staff, Lieber responded by entering the kitchen and reprimanding him. Forgione was not amused.) Via Twitter, we now see a concurrent battle between Pim of Chez Pim fame and SF Weekly critic Jonathan Kauffman over who was in the wrong, chef or critic.

Pim, a.k.a. David Kinch’s girlfriend, comes down on the side of Chef Forgione, who insists, “the kitchen is a sacred space,” and tweets, “@jonkauffman Call me a foodie libertarian but don’t tell me how to run my staff or what to put in my food. Don’t like it? Don’t eat here!”

Grub Street NY meanwhile, talks to Forgione, who who doesn’t appreciate Lieber “making me sound like I’m some psycho.”

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Pim and Kauffman Have a Twitter Fight