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Patti U. Adores Quan Bac; Bauer Is Not So Crazy About Credo, But Says Waterbar Now Shines

Never leaving a new Asian restaurant stone unturned, Patricia Unterman filed her review this week of Inner Richmond Vietnamese establishment Quan Bac (4112 Geary Blvd), waxing poetic about the chicken salad, “The tawny top, like a mountain covered in snow, is blanketed with savory fried-rice powder, shallots and peanuts. Everything glistens in a sheer, aromatic dressing redolent of fresh lime, and each bite takes the mouth on an exploration of crunch.” [SF Examiner, see also Tasting Table’s review]

Monsieur Bauer was mostly unimpressed after four visits to Clint Reilly and chef Mario Maggi’s Credo. Though he gives two and a half star praise to the service and atmosphere, the place gets one and a half stars overall, and he reserves a special diss for the pork chop Milanese: “A pork chop Milanese ($23), where the meat is pounded thin and fried in clarified butter, had such a sugary coating it reminded me of the Cap’n Crunch fried chicken I had more than a decade ago at Planet Hollywood.” [Chron]

And last Thursday, Nicholas Boer paid some respect to Boilerhouse in Richmond (not the Richmond, but the city), noting their solid brunch, giving it two stars, and saying it’s actually “perfect for a first date,” should anyone care to take a first date to Richmond. [Chron]

Also, Bauer paid a return visit to Waterbar and says that the food has “markedly improved” under chef Parke Ulrich, and that it’s now nearly as great as the view, to the tune of three stars overall. [Chron]

Patti U. Adores Quan Bac; Bauer Is Not So Crazy About Credo, But Says Waterbar