Palate Exhibits Edible Skulls, Last Meals, Cloth Cow Cadavers, and Candy Wrappers at Scion Gallery

Jeph Gurecka's skulls made from the bread he bakes
Jeph Gurecka’s skulls made from the bread he bakes Photo: Palate

If you were one of those kids that loved playing with their food, you’ll want to check out Palate, the new exhibit opening this Saturday at Culver City’s Scion Gallery. If you were more mature than that, you’ll be just as into the thought-provoking perspective given to eating here. The group show will feature the work of eight artists whose work has been inspired by food, consistently use food as a medium, and sometimes even in their materials. What can you expect here? Take a look below for more photos and details.

One of Clare Crespo’s new pieces, shot in her kitchen

This edible-inspired collection includes nostalgic illustrations made colorful with cakes and ice cream by Martha Rich, James Reynold’s photographs of Death Row inmates’ last meals, massive cake sculptures by Scott Hove and Tamara Kostianovsky’s life-like slabs of meat made from vintage clothing. Among additional displays, Jeph Gurecka will use bread he bakes himself to create a piece that reflects on the idea of food as sustenance (like with his skull-bread piece pictured above) and Clare Crespo will crochet a table-side feast of “fun foods.” The Candy Wrapper Museum will also grace the exhibit with a display of vintage cookbooks, toys, boxes, and retro candy wrappers. (Update: Plans to display vintage sodas have been taken over by the size of cookbook display, apparently.)

A Death Row prisoner’s last meal

Curator Zio Fulcher divulges her own inspiration for bringing Palate to life, “Doing a food-themed art show was an obvious choice for me. It combines my passion for art with my affection for food. The concept of the show is simple, but the work in the show is not. I selected artists whose work is complex and looks at food in novel ways. For instance, the image on the flyer of the fried chicken and chocolate shake is actually a death row inmate’s last meal request.”

Tamara Kostianovsky hanging her meat sculptures made from vintage clothes

Featuring work from novel to dire, Palate is sure to stir some new thoughts before your next bite. The free opening reception is this Saturday, May 22, from 7:00 to 10:00 P.M. with an open bar, appearances by local chefs, and a raffle for a free cooking class at EATZ. The exhibit runs until June 12.

Scion Installation Space 3521 Helms Ave. Culver City

Jeph Gurecka unpacking a sculpture made from shellfish for the exhibit
Palate Exhibits Edible Skulls, Last Meals, Cloth Cow Cadavers, and Candy