Former Dry Creek Kitchen Chef Brings a New Yucatanean Pop-Up to the Russian River

Photo: BiteClub Eats

If you’re up in the Russian River Valley and looking for a fantastic underground dining experience, you’ll want to check out the dinners being served by chef Mateo Granados, formerly of Dry Creek Kitchen and Masa’s. Mateo has been taking some of his family’s recipes from the Yucatan and giving them a modern, “wine-country facelift” as Bite Club Eats cagily tells us, during his twice weekly Tendejón de la Calle events in an old, unidentified barn.

Mateo’s been sourcing lamb and goat meat from Preston Vineyards, and a rep at Preston reveals to Grub Street that Mateo’s dinners are being held at a space at 9607 East Side Road in Healdsburg, on the property of an old vineyard that’s being used by a number of grape growers, but not a brand-name vineyard at present.

We’re perhaps a little sorry to have to expose the “secret,” but a CHOWhounder already let this cat out of the bag and Tasting Table has already done a review. These BYOB, Weds-Thurs events, with a capacity of 40 people, seem to replace what Mateo refers to on his website as his monthly Missing Link Dinners. For the Tendejón dinners, you’re asked to make reservations at 707-623-5474.

As BiteClub tells us, some recent menu offerings (which are constantly changing), included Oaxacan green corn savory atole (a sort of corn porridge) with Spring ranch eggs, and roasted asparagus; spring garlic soup with ancho chili and house-cured pork belly; Salmon Creek Ranch duck chiccaron with strawberry rhubarb salsa fresca and Mayan tortilla; and Bolinas halibut with El Yuca aoili.

We’re so there. Don’t all show up at once.

Secret Yucatan Supper Club: Tendejon de la Calle
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Tendejòn de la Calle / Wednesdays and Thursdays / 9607 East Side Road, Healdsburg / 707-623-5474

Former Dry Creek Kitchen Chef Brings a New Yucatanean Pop-Up to the Russian