Move Over, Momo: An Choi Introduces ‘Beef 7 Ways,’ Too

Photo: Courtesy of An Choi

Má Pêche’s $85 “Beef 7 Ways” dinner has drenched bloggers with the meat sweats, but at the time of this writing, prime-time dinner reservations were fully booked through next week. So how do you join in this traditional Vietnamese feast (usually a soup, a salad, hotpot, and various cooked and grilled dishes) without having to hover over a “refresh” button? An Choi has your answer.

Last Saturday, the bánh mì spot invited friends and family to a “Beef 7 Ways” dinner in its expanded space; it was such a hit they plan to do it again the last Sunday of every month (they’ll also do seafood and vegetarian variations). Unlike Má Pêche, An Choi isn’t splurging on Wagyu (though they’re considering this a way to play with new menu items) — as a result, the meal will only set you back $25.

Bò 7 món

1) Kho bò: Beef jerky over papaya salad in nước mắm (fish sauce)

2) Nem Nuong: Beef patties

3) Bò Nuong La Lot: Beef wrapped with grape leaf

4) Bò Luc Lac: Shaking beef

5) Bò Lui: Grilled beef skewer

6) Bò Nhung Dam: Raw slices of beef to be cooked in a vinegar broth

7) Chao bò Ground beef rice soup

Served with rice paper (to wrap) and bun, rice vermicelli, a variety of herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, and pickled carrots & daikon and with mam nem (pineapple) and nuoc mam (fish sauce) dipping sauces.
Move Over, Momo: An Choi Introduces ‘Beef 7 Ways,’ Too