More Boo-Hooing About Kids in Restaurants

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After a Times list of kid-friendly fine dining spots sparked a commenter ruckus similar to the one on DadWagon recently, CNN checks in with chefs Marc Murphy and Michael Anthony to ask them how they feel about “haute tots” in their dining rooms. “When my own children are in the restaurant,” Anthony tells CNN, “I’ve sent them soufflé crackers with what looks like little frogs’ tongues. I’ve sent out a beet dressed as a mouse.” Adorbs! But as FiPS noticed, such high-mindedness didn’t sit well with a few Yelpers, who complained about a lack of a kids’ menu at the new Fornino Park Slope.

“There are no ‘simple’ menu items I could order since of course last night was the night my son decided to be picky,” went one complaint. Fornino quickly added a menu of $7 kid-friendly items like spaghetti and meatballs, but Babble doesn’t understand why parents bellyached in the first place: “Fornino advertises itself as a pizza place. Is pizza suddenly too highfalutin’ for America’s little ones?”

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More Boo-Hooing About Kids in Restaurants