Mike Tyson Goes Vegan; Paris Hilton Gives Up In-N-Out

• Magdy Naiem Tawadros, that health inspector creep caught on camera groping a Pomona bakery owner, was charged with sexual battery and could face a six-month sentence and $2,000 fine. [L.A. Weekly]

• Mike Tyson is now a vegan. [Daily Mail]

Bastide owner Joe Pytka sold his Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Taggart House in Los Feliz for $2,335,000. [L.A. Times]

• Paris Hilton has sworn off fast-food saying,”“No more McDonalds, In-N-Out done.” [Music Rooms]

• John Kerry introduced a Senate bill that would lower the excise tax for small brewers. [Boston Globe]

• American Idol-frontrunner Crystal Bwersox used to perform regularly at an Ohio pizza parlor. [MTV News]

• Sean Penn pleaded no contest to a vandalism charge after kicking a photographer outside of Brentwood Country Mart. [Google/AP]

• The Alabama location of Pinches Tacos has been revealed. [Birmingham Biz Journals]

• A Texas lawyer appeared in court to call Dole’s claims “bunk” that a lawsuit against the fruit company was a fraudulent conspiracy. [Google news/AP]

• Walmart will donate 1.1 billion pounds of food to food banks nationwide. [USA Today]

• Subway sent cease and desist letters to more than a dozen small stores nationwide, ordering them to stop using the term “footlong.” [NYDN]

• Gulf Coast fishers and hoteliers fear that the effects of the oil spill could devastate their industries. [USA Today]

Mike Tyson Goes Vegan; Paris Hilton Gives Up In-N-Out