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Ludo’s Restaurant of the Future Might Be on Four Wheels

Ludo on-board
Ludo on-board Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Ludo Lefebvre takes a break from running the restaurant-of-the-future to speak with SmashBox Studios about Cali food trends and his actual future restaurant plans. But first, the chef looks at his early years, minus the adorable story of the first pot he ever owned as offered in his cookbook Crave. We get a Proust-ian glimpse of the smells and sounds of his Grandma’s kitchen in Burgundy and learn that Ludo moved to L.A. possibly because he “was watching a lot of Baywatch when I was in France.” Before Ludo dishes on his “last meal” choice of roast chicken and potatoes and discusses his dreams of going to the moon and chilling with Buddhist monks, he reviews our local food scene and promises a new mobile concept is in mind. What does the chef say?

Lefebvre thinks L.A.’s food scene has a short stick nationally, but thinks things are currently changing for the better. He rightfully nails “fat” as the current hot trend in L.A. restaurants and loves the city’s diversity, admitting he was blown away by the range of “Latinos, the Asians, some French, some Italians, Peruvians…so many.” And when it comes to food trucks, Ludo knows there’s some good and some really bad, but is impressed nonetheless. In fact, he plans another food truck venture after the too-brief appearance of his fried chicken truck.

Ludo promises,”I’m going to open a food truck…I am. And my food truck is going to be like what I do in the restaurant. Fresh ingredients. The best technique. And all executed very well. But I think some trucks, I’m sorry to say, are very bad. And people know it. People from LA know more and more about food now. You can’t just give them bad food now. They know what’s fresh, what’s good.”

A LudoBites food truck could really encompass almost any flavors and styles at this point, but would surely be a smashing success if the popular chef really chooses to break-out into the trucking trend, which probably needs Ludo more than he needs them in order to stay successfully on four wheels. Stay tuned!

Interview: Ludo Lefebvre, Ludo Bites [SmashBox Studios]

Ludo’s Restaurant of the Future Might Be on Four Wheels