Lafitte Serves Up a Prized Pig

Lafitte chef Russell Jackson, through legal and logistical channels we can only imagine, has scored one of the first Ibérico pigs ever to be served in the continential U.S., and certainly the first in San Francisco as far as anyone knows. The semi-wild, free-grange pigs, which are the source of jamón ibérico, are the most prized animals in all of European pigdom, and come from the southern part of Spain where they forage for acorns and roots in oak forests known as la dehesa.

Jackson’s pig hails from La Alberca, Spain, and he’s very excited to be offering diners at Lafitte this “uber-artisanal” delicacy in dishes over the next week or two, as long as supplies last.

Tomorrow night, Friday, he’ll be preparing a plate that will include Berkshire pork (from Colorado), Mangalitsa (from Washington), and the Ibérico, side by side.

And among the many dishes he’ll be doing this Mother’s Day weekend, he plans to serve spare ribs with lentils; secreto (shoulder muscle), from an original recipe from La Alberca; roast pork chops; pork belly; and solomillo (tenderloin).

Also, we should note that Lafitte is launching its first brunch service this Saturday and Sunday, and lunch service starts Wednesday, May 12th.

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Lafitte Serves Up a Prized Pig