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Knack Joins Santos in Hell’s Kitchen

Two Boston chefs in as many years on Hell’s Kitchen is crazy enough, so it was rather surprising to learn that Gargoyles On The Square chef Jason Santos would be joined by Sel De La Terre’s Benjamin Knack. We caught up with Knack after reading the news on Dishing. “It was an amazing experience overall. It was a really crazy situation and totally surreal at times, but it was great to work with Gordon Ramsay. It’s not just yelling all the time — sometimes he really takes you under his wing. It made me a much better chef.”

Knack decided to do Hell’s Kitchen almost solely to work with Ramsay. “I don’t want to say I’m a fan, but I love him as a chef. His restaurants are the kinds of restaurants I want to work at. I wanted to do the show so I could win and cook at his restaurant.”

Knack and Santos are both on this season’s Blue Team and the two formed a strong bond. “I’d met Jason a few times before the show and we’ve eaten at each other’s restaurants, but we got to know each other much better on the show. Jason loves to cook and I love to cook. He likes funkier, crazier food, while I’m more into simple food: I like a vegetable to taste like a vegetable. We were able to really play off each other because we have such different strengths.” The two are co-hosting a viewing party on July 13 at Sel De La Terre, where they’ll present dueling dishes with the same base ingredients. The Santos/Knack season of Hell’s Kitchen premieres June 1.

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Knack Joins Santos in Hell’s Kitchen