Jeremy Fox Is On Board at Plum

And now for the real news… chef Jeremy Fox, who drove back from L.A. yesterday after doing a week-long guest stint at Animal, has signed on to be the chef at Daniel Patterson’s casual new Oakland project, Plum (2214 Broadway), as the Scoop is reporting. This of course will bring him into closer proximity to his good friend James Syhabout at Commis, and this of course also means that Plum just catapulted from the arena of buzz-worthy new casual bistros to places where it will be nearly impossible to get a seat for a good long while, except at really odd hours.

Plum is set to open in July, and was to feature Il Cane Rosso chef and Patterson protégé Lauren Kiino as opening chef, but it looks as though Kiino will now be working alongside Fox and preparing for the opening of her restaurant Bracina, at Jack London Square, by year’s end.

Given Fox’s vegetable-friendly sensibilities, Plum will feature a vegetable-based, though not wholly vegetarian menu. What likely sweetened the deal for Fox is the added role he’ll be taking on at a farm that Patterson and co. are looking to start come fall.

Also among the Plum announcements, former Oliveto GM Charlie Roberts will take the front of house role, and Coi pastry chef Bill Corbett will cover the desserts. The wine list will be directed by incoming Coi sommelier Andrew Mosblech, who was last seen at A16.

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Jeremy Fox Is On Board at Plum