Is Umami Unseating L.A.’s Burger Kings?

Umami Burger
Umami Burger Photo: Yogma via Flickr

Who serves L.A.’s best burger? That’s the question dineLA is attempting to answer on a new Facebook survey pitting 24 local beef-and-bun slingers against each other for you to vote on. Proven heavyweight talent like 25 Degrees, Golden State, Comme Ca, and Hungry Cat are facing such newcomers as First & Hope, The Oaks Gourmet, and Stout, while the cult classics are represented by Tommy’s, Apple Pan, The Original Tops, Pie ‘n Burger, and In-N-Out. The best part are daily specials that offer a deep discount on one of the burgers, allowing everyone to try them and get in on the voting for less. So, just a day into voting, who is on top?

The biggest shocker of this new series is that Father’s Office, long drawing best burger accolades from local fans and media lists, is lagging in third place with just 70 votes. While it’s not hard to comprehend why In-N-Out has nearly double the amount of votes as Sang Yoon’s famous creation, our eyes nearly flipped to find new Umami Burger firmly grasping second place with 123 votes of its own and gaining on In-N-Out’s 149 votes.

Could this signal a significant switch in L.A.’s burger allegiances? We think so and think it’s about time. Sang’s sandwich is a phenom to be sure, but the ease of the Umami experience for a great, unique burger, compared to the collegiate mosh-pits at Father’s Office says it all about how we want to eat a burger.

What do you think? Is Umami Burger better than Father’s Office? Could it even unseat IN-N-Out? Please let us know your feelings in our comments and take a second to vote for your favorite burger.

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Is Umami Unseating L.A.’s Burger Kings?