Is American Legion Highway Ready to Go Gourmet?

Roslindale residents Thomas and Fred Falcucci want to open the American Legion Market, a gourmet store, at 569 American Legion Highway, reports Universal Hub. American Legion Market plans to sell wine and gourmet cheese. Neat, but as Adam Gaffin points out, American Legion is almost entirely strip malls, and not especially high brow ones at that.

The Faluccis mention a customer base from Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, and Hyde Park, but, with the possible exception of Hyde Park, all those communities are already pretty well served with gourmet goodies already. Much like when Savin Hill Supply opened last year, we have to wonder if this is an opening outpacing existing gentrification.

Roslindale Strip Best Known for Bargain Outlets Could Get High-End Wine and Cheese Shop [Universal Hub]

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Is American Legion Highway Ready to Go Gourmet?