The Ice Cream Sandwich Invasion Begins

State and Lake's version of the ice cream sandwich.
State and Lake’s version of the ice cream sandwich.

Our inbox was temporarily given a brain freeze this morning when no less than three restaurants announced the addition of ice cream sandwiches to their dessert menus. Though it doesn’t sound particularly tasty on this sad, rainy Thursday, we are fascinated by the sudden onslaught of sandwiched ice cream. Soft serve never had a chance. The odd assortment of restaurants featuring the treat include one sixtyblue, The Violet Hour, and State and Lake, and all are tackling it in a different way.

State and Lake is going upscale with a mint heavy version (pictured above) featuring a chocolate-mint cookie with mint ice cream, and mint chocolate sauce. This is still a proper restaurant dish, so don’t go it with your grubby fingers, or fear scaring other patrons. Onesixty blue’s version gets closer to the original form with two chocolate chunk cookies sandwiching a mint chip ice cream, but we still imagine the same etiquette applies.

Finally, the Violet Hour is using the services of Nancy Silver and Snookelfritz Ice Cream Artistry, to produce some more familiar ice cream sandwiches, all wrapped up and ready to go. We wonder which cocktail the Violet Hour will suggest pairs best with this one. Just don’t get any ice cream on the upholstery, please.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Invasion Begins