How Alcoholic Can Beer Get?; Lettuce Recalled

• Dorchester’s 224 Boston Street lost between 50 and 60 percent of its business during Aquapocalypse. [Dorchester Reporter]

• A group of brewers are locked in a race to create the most alcoholic beer possible. [LAT]

• Freshway Foods lettuce has recalled its lettuce in 23 states. [NYP]

• With the effects of the oil spill still unknown, Gulf Coasters are stocking up on seafood as fast as they can. [NYT]

• Wine importer V.O.S. Selections filed suit against Gordon Ramsay this week — the second wine company to do so in two weeks. [NYP]

• Though consumers plan to dine out more this year than the last, they hope to pay less money at each meal. [NRN]

• CBS recently ordered a pilot for a cooking game show starring Emeril Lagasse. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

How Alcoholic Can Beer Get?; Lettuce Recalled