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Hollywood’s New Beachwood Pops Up for Backyard Hot Tub Parties

Photo: Beachwood

We already have a Beechwood in Marina del Rey and SBE is opening an actual beachfront club on Cahuenga, but there could still be room in Hollywood’s party-hardy heart for a new pop-up club called Beachwood that opened last Saturday. Urban Daddy reveals that the old Cabana Club is now a weekly backyard party for seven hours every Saturday through summer, what we foresee as the same crowd from those laid-back afternoon gatherings at Crane’s given the freedom to relive childhood memories of sunny outdoor barbecues past. The club goes so far as to recall “Vegas pool parties” as part of the vibe here, making us fearful someone is going to be peeing in or on something in no time. In any case, what can you order here?

To start the morning, there will be a champagne brunch in cabanas and bottom-less mimosas for $19 until 2:00 P.M., as well as $20 massages, hair stylists, and squirt guns and Super Soakers with bottle service. After that, a grass dance-floor cooled by compressed CO2 will open up. There are also two VIP areas with hot tubs stuck in the ground, and lest you think these people don’t know how to party for leaving out a vital Slip-N-Slide, the whole thing shuts down before the sun does, meaning this is merely a pre-party spot. Danger danger! Check out the food and drink menu online and expect changes as the owners promise “to evolve each week.”

Beachwood will be open Saturday with the addition of a ping-pong tournament, 12:00 to 7:00 P.M. at 1439 Ivar Ave. Hollywood

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Hollywood’s New Beachwood Pops Up for Backyard Hot Tub Parties