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Hester Street Fair Adds Arancini, Jams, Cupcakes, and Lemonade

Photo: Courtesy of Hester Street Fair

Suchin Pak of the Hester Street Fair writes in to let us know that next weekend, as part of the Bake Sale for Hope, the proceeds from certain items will go to breast-cancer research — just look for “pink” food such as DB Sweets’ pink cupcakes. (Hopefully this passes muster with the “Think Before You Pink” folks who recently slammed KFC). And she also brings the lowdown on vendors that have been added to the ever-rotating lineup. Yes, yes, McClure’s Pickles will now join Luke’s Lobster, An Choi, and the rest, but there’ll be some less familiar faces, too.

Luminous Kitchen is a new food vendor who are making organic fresh scallion sourdough waffles with ramp butter! straight from the waffle iron and also selling kombucha and tasty baked goods.

— Arancini Bros are bringing Sicilian risotto croquettes. Traditional arancini are made with arborio rice, saffron, a meat ragu with fresh peas and mozzarella. They are doing lots of varieties including broccoli/bescamel, shrimp/saffron, 3 cheeses and a sweet rice ball stuffed with nutella.

— We have 2 New Yorkers, Will and Andrew (photographer and screenwriter, respectively) who have been trying out their fresh squeezed lemonade. Their twist is to have flavored ice cubes that give the juices different tastes as well as fresh squeezed raspberries and blackberries that they add to custom ordered drinks. I was skeptical…I mean, how do you improve on a good old fashioned lemonade…they did it. I’m not sure how long they’ll be able to squeeze their juices for, but get them while it’s hot outside.

— Boom Town Bakery will be bringing their local, hand made gluten free, vegan treats to the Fair. We thought we’d offer something sweet to all of our more “sensitive” customers, including myself who have lots of food allergies. I can finally eat, guilt free!

— We have Cheshire Canning bringing their famous Honey Heat sauce and other amazing jams, spreads and delicious products, all made from fresh farm goods from upstate NY.

DB Sweets Custom Crafted Cakes are making special cupcakes for Mother’s Day and will be donating to the Bake for Hope Sale. She has a twist to her cupcakes which are topped with buttercream frostings..
Hester Street Fair Adds Arancini, Jams, Cupcakes, and Lemonade