Grindhaus Will Join Red Hook Vendors at Red Hook Mercado

The Red Hook Ball Field vendors are back in action and NYC Food Guy (who recently appeared in an ABC News bit about the “food paparazzi” ) has video proof, below. Meanwhile, last week, Brooklyn Paper checked in with Cesar Fuentes’s “mercado,” which will allow some of the vendors to thwart the city’s rules against open-air food prep when it opens May 15. A look at the mercado’s website reveals that Fernando Martinez of Country Boys and Rafael Soler of Soler Dominicana will be among the Red Hook Vendors present. Even better, long awaited sausage joint Grindhaus (a Fall Preview 2009 holdover) will make its debut.

Grindhaus will be serving a rotating cast of forthcoming menu items such as Spicy Bitches, a custom blended porky and piquant tubed good, battered up and deep fried.- it ain’t the corn dog you remember, but one you won’t forget!

Plus, more!

FattyCakes NY, a Brooklyn cookie company with one thing in mind… making you the cookie you always dreamed of and will custom bake cookies in any flavor combo you want. But owner, Jennifer Taylor has a few combos she has created already that will make your head spin like the Movie Theater cookie which epitomizes the company’s mission: a chocolate chip cookie with buttered popcorn and gummy fish. Yum!

NYC Food Guy Video: NYC Food Guy’s Favorites at the Red Hook Ball Fields [NYC Food Guy]
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Grindhaus Will Join Red Hook Vendors at Red Hook Mercado