Get Your Carrie On at Eastern Standard

Photo: Sweet

Want to live like Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte? Sip on a Blueberry Thrill or Prospect Park at Eastern Standard and nosh on a gold leaf-embellished cupcake from Sweet, suggests the Globe, in a story that presupposes your interest in aping the characters of what might be the year’s most widely panned movie. Also, a Prospect Park? Please. Like any of those characters except Miranda would let a drink named for a Brooklyn landmark pass their lips.

The apex of ridiculousness in the Globe’s story (and to be fair, one that even reporter Courtney Hollands acknowledges as preposterous), however, comes from the recommendation of Yappier Hour, a happy hour for dogs at Clink, where humans can “order food and drinks from Clink on the outdoor patio while your four-legged friends play and snack on treats from Four Preppy Paws and Dogwood Cottage. There are even ‘puptails’ and ‘muttinis’ for Muffy and Spot, like the Chardognay: chicken stock, water, and fresh cilantro. No, really.” So this is what it’s come to. Gold-frosted cupcakes and happy hours for dogs. We can think of no more fitting tribute to Sex and the City.

Live Like You’re In the Big “City” [Globe]

Get Your Carrie On at Eastern Standard