Fro-ly Sh*t! There Is Now a Frozen-Yogurt Truck

That’s right, there’s now a frozen-yogurt truck. During the past few days, it’s been parking in Union Square (at Fourth Avenue and 14th Street when we caught it Saturday afternoon). The operator, Turkish computer programmer turned entrepreneur Avshar Kirksall, tells us that he shares a supplier with 16 Handles, though he’s using a different formula for his “original tart” flavor (currently the only one available). He was inspired to buy a used ice-cream truck (he says they cost about $20,000 to $30,000) by some friends who told him how good the ice-cream truck business was, and decided his future was in fro-yo after reading the book Blue Ocean Strategy.

Cones ($2.75), regular cups ($3), and large cups ($4) of fro-yo that can be topped with three ($4) or four items ($5.75) such as strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, gummy bears, shredded coconut, mochi, granola, almonds, and dark-chocolate chips. Non-dairy smoothies ($5) come in the flavors of strawberry, blueberry-banana, blackberry-boysenberry, coconut-pineapple, and five berry. Like other fro-yo outfits, Berry Froyo is emphasizing its healthiness (non-fat, 90 calories per serving, gluren-free, etc.) and even taking it a step further by claiming it does the following:

strengthening the immune system.
enhancing one’s nutritional status
fighting and lowering cholesterol
aiding in overcoming skin problems
acting nutritionally as anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor agent

All right then! Look for the truck around Union Square daily, though expect it to move around — Kirksall has already been bounced a few times by none-too-pleased ice-cream vendors.

Fro-ly Sh*t! There Is Now a Frozen-Yogurt Truck