Food Trucks Continue to Open at an Astonishing Pace

Look out for this one.
Look out for this one. Photo: courtesty of Happy Bodega

After the pronouncements made a few weeks ago from both Time Out Chicago and the Chicago Reader, we thought the food truck news would calm down for a bit until the city actually got to the business of fixing the problem. We were wrong. No new legislation has been passed, and trucks still can’t actually prepare any food in the vehicle, but a few brave entrepreneurs are getting ready to hit the road.

You may remember Matt Maroni from Mike Sula’s in depth food truck article for the Chicago Reader. He is one half of the Chicago Food Trucks, and he’s starting a new restaurant/food truck called Gaztro-Wagon. He’ll have a regular old store (how antiquated!) in Edgewater, along with a mobile truck. He just released the menu, which you can check it out over at the Time Out Chicago Blog.

Time Out Chicago also has the exclusive on Happy Bodega, a new truck that will serve coffee and sandwiches. It was started by a former New Yorker with a strange fondness for corner stores (called bodegas over there). She plans to be open by July. Check out updates at the Happy Bodgea Facebook Page.

We also stumbled across a site called Woo Yeah’s, which is a site featuring two Logan Square residents who are planning on opening a dumpling food truck. They still don’t have an actual truck, or any firm opening date, but their site also collects relevant food truck news, and they unearthed a story about Popsicle Princess, a collaborative popsicle business, which isn’t actually a food truck, but it is mobile food and they plan to start next weekend.

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Food Trucks Continue to Open at an Astonishing Pace