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Feury Brothers Reunite for Beer Week

Terence Feury enjoys a beer.
Terence Feury enjoys a beer. Photo: Collin Keefe

Brothers Patrick and Terence Feury are back together again, and taking out any lingering Maia-related frustrations on beer. The brothers, with the aid of Victory Brewing Co.’s Bill Covaleski, brewed Fists of Feury, a special British-style pale ale that will be available at their respective restaurants (Fork and Nectar) throughout Philly Beer Week. Grub Street caught up with Terence Feury to get the lowdown on the beer.

“We wanted to brew a beer that was refreshing, good to drink and paired well with food,” Terence Feury told us. “One thing that my brother Patrick and I both love is rosemary, so we decided to add some with the hops that we put in at the end of the brewing process.”

In the finished product, he says the rosemary creates a synergy with the centennial hops, which accentuates the citric and piney character of the ale. “It’s a great dry beer and we feel like we’re right on our mark.”

Be the first to get a taste of Fists of Feury on June 8 during a special four-course dinner at Fork (each brother prepares two courses). The dinner is $55 per person.

Fork, 306 Market St, (215) 625-9425

Feury Brothers Reunite for Beer Week