Dorky Reporter Digs On Stoner Cuisine

We pointed you earlier this week to Kim Severson’s Times piece about “haute stoner cuisine” and the marijuana-loving chefs who cook up items especially well suited to the munchies. Everyone’s talking about it, and even the HuffPo couldn’t resist doing a slideshow of stoner food from Bon Appétit’s database. Well, now CBS 5’s Mike Sugerman has to get a few double-entendre chuckles in, but not before sounding like an alarmist, 1950s anti-drug film narrator as he warns that some of these “high-end” dishes are made by “chefs who are high.”

Mike tries to implicate chef Scott Youkilis and business partner Eric Rubin — whose upcoming venture Hogs & Rocks is not yet open, despite Mike making it sound like it is… they’re actually shooting at Youkilis’ other restaurant, Maverick.

Please enjoy the cringe-inducing coverage at the link below, and remember: “Munchies aren’t just satisfied by Funyuns and Hot Pockets anymore.”

Chefs Create High-End Munchies Just for Stoners [CBS 5]
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Dorky Reporter Digs On Stoner Cuisine