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Track Your Drinks at City Tap House

Taps at City Tap House
Taps at City Tap House Photo: Collin Keefe

With its Tasting Notes, City Tap House has a novel way for beer enthusiasts to keep track of the suds they sample from the bar and restaurant’s 60 draught selections. “Typically when you go to a wine or beer tasting you get wrapped up in conversation and forget what you drank,” Beer Program Manager Andy Farrell tells Grub Street. “We wanted to take that burden of remembering which beer was which off of you, so we came up with these cards that you can jot down your thoughts on.”

Each card has room for four beers, a selection of criteria for each, a comments section and space at the bottom for guests’ contact information. After each visit, the Tasting Notes information gets entered into a database, which guests can access through the Tap House website. “You can go to our website and review the beers you enjoyed, or if there was something you know you didn’t like, you can keep track of that too,” Farrell says.

In addition to keeping score of likes and dislikes, the Tasting Notes feature also allows Tap House to alert guests of upcoming selections that they may like. “If we know we’re getting a really special IPA from the West Coast in and we want to treat our IPA-loving customers right, we can go into the database and see who has IPAs rated highest and invite them in to taste it.” It might seem a bit Orwellian, but at least in this case Big Brother wants to share his beer.

City Tap House, 3925 Walnut Street, (215) 662-0105

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Track Your Drinks at City Tap House