Catching Up With Bay Area Food Legends; Another Hooters Waitress Sues

Chiang, 94, and Verdon, 86.
Chiang, 94, and Verdon, 86. Photo: Michael Bauer

• Bauer catches up with Bay Area food legends like René Verdon, Cecilia Chiang, and Jim Nassikas at a recent party. [Scoop]

• The Underground Farmers’ Market expands to the East Bay. [SFoodie]

• In an effort to mollify environmentalists angry about bottled water, Nestle is attempting to prove that fish from a spring the company wants to tap can be healthy in municipal well water. [WSJ]

• A former Hooters waitress filed suit against the company yesterday, charging that she was told to lose weight or lose her job. [NYP]

• Caldwell Foods is recalling its alfalfa sprouts in ten states. Eleven people in California have been sickened from alfalfa-related salmonella. [NRN]

• PETA has been quietly buying shares in companies for seven years now, including McDonald’s, Burger King, and Ruby Tuesday, and hopes to use shareholder activism to get its way. [Huffington Post]

• KFC will roll out its fifth advertising campaign in as many years this week. The new slogan: “So good.” [AdAge]

• Dr. Pepper is redeveloping 7UP’s formula and will relaunch the drink this fall. [WSJ]

• In a recent Justice Department hearing in Alabama, chicken farmers decried poultry companies increasing demands and decreasing pay. [Huffington Post]

• The American Academy of Pediatrics wants foods that are known choking hazards, like popcorn, to carry warning labels. [NYT]

Catching Up With Bay Area Food Legends; Another Hooters Waitress Sues