Canary Square Will Be ‘Like a Dumbed-Down Coda’

The bad news: Michael Moxley and Jim Cochener didn’t take our suggestion of Triple Cs when naming their restaurant that will take over the Alchemist’s space. The good news: the restaurant, which will be called Canary Wharf per Boston Restaurant Talk, sounds pretty great. “It’s going to be a smarter Common Ground and a dumbed-down Coda,” Moxley tells Grub Street.

“Ultimately, it’s all going to feel fairly similar to what we’re doing at Coda. We like the food and how it’s opened up new avenues for us.” This means prices at or below $20, with a focus on “small plates, lots of options, sustainable farming, locally raised products, and a low carbon footprint.” Though Moxley couldn’t reveal the chef just yet, he tells us it’s a name we’ll hopefully know. The mystery chef’s food will be accompanied by a craft cocktail program, complete with house-made syrups, infusions, and juices. There will also be a “heavy dose” of American craft beers, with a particular focus on New England breweries. Moxley and Cochener are also mulling bringing on Taberna De Haro’s Deborah Hansen to develop an “old world” wine list.

Moxley is especially excited to open in Jamaica Plain. “I’ve lived in JP for ten years and I have children. My family has struggled to find a place where the comfort level and price point is right for us. I love Ten Tables, but I can’t bring my three kids there. There’s a huge void in that area that’s been created by Bella Luna and the Milky Way moving and Zon’s closing.”

Assuming all goes well with the state approval of Canary Square’s liquor license, which is being transferred from the Alchemist, Moxley and Coechner are anticipating closing for a month to six weeks sometime between late May and mid June to do some construction, including moving the bar to the other side of the restaurant and knocking down the wall that currently runs down the middle of the room. They hope to open Canary Square sometime in July.

Canary Square to Open in Jamaica PlainCanary Square to Open in Jamaica Plain [Boston Restaurant Talk]

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Canary Square Will Be ‘Like a Dumbed-Down Coda’