Campo de’ Fiori Introduces Roman Pizza to Park Slope

Unless you’ve been living under a pizza stone for the past year, you know that Neapolitan pies are all the rage, but a former Del Posto manager, who also owns the Michelin-starred Acquolina in Rome, is hoping to bring Roman-style pizza alla pala to the forefront when he opens Campo de’ Fiori in Park Slope (hopefully around June 20, depending on when he can get the SLA’s and DOB’s go-aheads). Italian-born Andrea Dal Monte tells us, “I’d like to be at the same level of the best pizzeria here — Keste, for example — but what I’m doing is different.” Under the tutelage of his friends at Forno Campo de’ Fiori, a restaurant on Rome’s pizza-happy piazza, Dal Monte is making rectangular pies that he says are crunchy on the bottom and moist on top, so they can be eaten with two fingers without folding.

Dal Monte is topping his pizza (sold by the slice as well as by the pie) with imported mozzarella, local basil, San Marzano tomatoes, and a variety of extra virgin olive oils that (true to Forno Campo de’ Fiori) he’ll also sell in an attached shop. He tells us he’s working with small producers in Italy and getting his testun cheese (aged in walnut leaves) from Beppino Occelli. But don’t think the oven was hand-built in Naples — he’s using an electric Baker’s Pride oven with stone, because he says it gives off less CO2 than a brick oven. “We work a lot on the dough to achieve our results — the challenge is to prove we can do an outstanding pizza without a brick oven.”


Antipasto Romano
Potato cake with pecorino cheese and black pepper
Egg tripe, tomato and mint leav
Roasted peppers
Mixed Olives seasoned

(roasted bread)
Beans cream
E.V.O.O from Tuscany and garlic
Eggplant cream and basil
Chicken liver patè

Cured meats
Prosciutto Parma
Prosciutto Affumicato
Mortadella di Bologna

Parmigiano Reggiano
Goat Seasoned
Burratina di Andria
Caprini freschi alle erbe


Misticanza con tutte le sue erbe e olio della Sabina
(mix salad with fresh herbs and evoo from Sabina)
Insalata di pomodori, basilico, burrata, olio delle Cinqueterre
(tomato salad, basil and burrata cheese with evoo from Cinqueterre)
Millefoglie di verdure grigliate e pesto
(grilled vegetables with pesto sauce)
Fagioli e lenticchie, sedano, cipolletta, e Tonno
(beans, lentils salad with celery, onions and tuna)
Tortino di Salmone mela e songino, con Tartarina al caffe ed agrumi confit
(Seasoned salmon with apple, songino salad and citrus)

Dal Forno
Pomodori col riso e patate
(baked tomatoes stuffed with rice, with potatoes)

Lasagna Bionda, su crema di piselli in abito rosso
(white lasagna with green peas cream and prosciutto)


Pizza bianca olio e rosmarino
(white pizza, evoo, rosemary)

(tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, evoo)

Margherita con Bufala e pachino
(tomato, basil, water buffalo mozzarella, evoo)


Peperoni arrostiti, cipolla appassita, caprino, olive, pomodoro
(roasted peppers, sweet onions, goat cheese, olives, tomato)

Patate, scamorza affumicata, wurstel, cipolle appassite, olio piccante
(potatoes, smoked mozzarella, frankfurters, sweet onions, spicy oil)

Patate, Salmone, cipolle appassite, sour cream, erba cipollina
(potatoes, salmon, sweet onions, sour cream, chives)

Mozzarella, funghi, piselli, prosciutto e rosso d’uovo
(mozzarella, mushrooms, green beans, prosciutto, egg yolk)

Mozzarella, Broccolo Romano, pancetta e scorzette d’arancia
(mozzarella, roman broccoli, bacon, orange zest)

Mozzarella, scamorza affumicata, zucchine, Salmone
(smoked mozzarella, zucchini, salmon)

Tiramisù al bicchiere

Ravioli d’Ananas ripieni di spuma di formaggio al miele e timo, con frutti di bosco
(pineapple ravioli, filled with creamy cheese, honey, thyme)

Minestrone fresco di Frutta e Verdura alla lavanda
(mixed fruit soup with lavender)

Crostatina di Pistacchio e Cioccolato
(pistachio cake with chocolate)

Campo de’ Fiori, 187 Fifth Ave., nr. Sackett St., Park Slope, Brooklyn; 347-673-0933

Campo de’ Fiori Introduces Roman Pizza to Park Slope