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Buddachen Gets a Twofer; Four Stars for Menton

Menton's caviar-topped crab salad
Menton’s caviar-topped crab salad Photo: Lucy Sherman

• Mat Schaffer gives Buddachen an enthusiastic B+. Though the food is “not the “modern Asian fusion” cuisine that the Buddachen Web site promotes; the fare is solidly mainstream pan-Asian. Nevertheless, it’s well-prepared, reasonably priced and g-o-o-d.” [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau is marginally less impressed with Buddachen, which he gives two stars. “Nothing has the Korean spice and fusion verve of the original South End Jae’s, but there is quite a lot of good eating at attractive price points, and the right sorts of sake and Japanese beer.” [Phoenix]

• The Dig’s Patrick Main gives Menton four stars: “In a town where fine dining too often means high-end steakhouse, Menton is a tour de force. There were perhaps too many people serving us through the evening (I actually spoke to seven different waiters), but to be fair, Barbara Lynch herself was in the dining room, so I can imagine people wanted to look busy. Perfect for two or twelve—maybe even more perfect for twelve, if you can get the twelve-person chef’s table in the immaculate kitchen—Fort Point has a new premium destination.” [Dig]

• Devra First offers up an unrated appreciation of the re-opened El Pelon Taqueria: “The Brighton menu looks familiar. The antojitos (snacks), quesadillas, tortas, and other dishes of the Fenway location return untampered with. It’s a bit like turning on your TV to see Nomar, Manny, and Pedro in the lineup again: nostalgic and somehow right.” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB pays a visit to Yasu: “If you’re one of those Americans who are curious about Korean cuisine, but find it a little daunting, grill-table BBQ at Yasu will provide a delicious, gently sloping on-ramp.” [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats stops by Arlington’s Buona Vita. Though it has some kinks to work out, “we hope it sticks around long enough for some of the children in the dining room to come back as adults and hang out with their friends.” [Globe]

Buddachen Gets a Twofer; Four Stars for Menton