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Bruno Thinks Ciao has ‘Perfect’ Pizza; Gebert Finds ‘Soulful’ Alcapurria at Tainayri’s Bodega

Bruno likes it.
Bruno likes it. Photo: courtesy Urban Daddy

Pat Bruno thinks Ciao Napoli Pizzeria in Logan Square is a “Neapolitan fantasy of excellence.” He should know, as he can apparently judge a pizza by its oven: “I can, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, determine, as soon as I walk through the door of a pizzeria whether I am going to be in for a good pie, a so-so pie or a great pie.” The pastas and appetizers are good, but it’s the pizza which has a “perfect balance between the elegant toppings and the perfectly rendered crust.” [Sun-Times]

Mike Gebert from Sky Full of Bacon searches through Latin American grocery stores in search of authentic cuisine. He’s fine with Macondo in Lakeview, but has much better luck with Tainayri’s Bodega, a Cuban/Puerto Rican grocery store in Cragin. The Cuban sandwich is the best he’s “ever had in Chicago.” But he really loves the “soulful” alcapurria, which are fritters made from green plantain and ground beef. [Sky Full of Bacon]

Noting that the “The Loop is looking a lot like Lebanon (culinarily speaking),” Steve Dolinsky explores the new Mediterranean food in the loop. Olive Mediterranean Grill, Roti, and I Dream of Falafel serve food which is “as good as those found in Albany Park.” [Vocalo]

Bruno Thinks Ciao has ‘Perfect’ Pizza; Gebert Finds ‘Soulful’ Alcapurria at