Brewing Boozier Beer; BYO Food to Bars

• Brewers are trying to outbooze each other by making beer with high alcohol content. [LAT]

• Wine importer V.O.S. Selections filed suit against Gordon Ramsay this week — the second wine company to do so in two weeks. [Page Six/NYP]

• The air conditioner broke during the Eldridge’s Cinco de Mayo party, resulting in “stripping down and getting half naked to keep cool.” [Page Six/NYP]

&8226; Some bars that don’t serve food are inviting customers to bring their own. [NYP]

• CBS recently ordered a pilot for a cooking game show starring Emeril Lagasse. [Deadline]

• Volunteers planted the first crops at a new urban farm in Hunt’s Point yesterday. [NYDN]

• Freshway Foods’ lettuce has recalled its lettuce in 23 states, including New York. [NYP]

• With the effects of the oil spill still unknown, Gulf Coasters are stocking up on seafood as fast as they can. [NYT]

• Though consumers plan to dine out more this year than the last, they hope to pay less money at each meal. [NRN]

Brewing Boozier Beer; BYO Food to Bars