Love That Dirty Water?

Boston Bars Adapt to Aquapocalypse


One of the biggest challenges of Aquapocalypse for bars and restaurants has been finding reliable sources of ice. Boiling water to be frozen is a logistical nightmare, and precious few spots have enough bottled water on hand to use it for such a relatively inconsequential purpose. The ice shortage has had a chilling (um, no pun intended) effect on the city’s cocktails. “When we told one guy that we couldn’t make him a martini, he looked like he was going to pass out,” Gordon Hamersley told The Atlantic of Hamersley’s Bistro’s first night of the Aquapocalypse. A few days, later, however, restaurants have adjusted. Here’s how a few of the city’s cocktail bars are coping.

Bistro du Midi: Coincidentally, the team made a huge batch of water Saturday morning, says manager Doss Posey. That ice lasted through the weekend, and they’re bringing in new ice from outside the affected area today.

dbar: Chris Coombs and company are importing distilled ice for cocktails and giving away a free bottle of water to every customer.

Drink: “We actually use block ice that’s delivered from Cape Pond Ice in Gloucester,” Misty Kalkofen tells Grub Street. “Everything here is going on just as usual.”

Eastern Standard: Though the usual exhaustive cocktail menu isn’t available, the bar is offering a nine drink strong Water Crisis Cocktail List of drinks that can be executed without untreated water, including a whiskey smash, a Mai Tai, and a Tom Collins.

Trina’s Starlite Lounge: Though owner Jay Belleau had to wait in some mighty long lines at Acme Ice, he was able to purchase the cold stuff successfully and drinks are being served as usual.

Boston Bars Adapt to Aquapocalypse