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Bizarre Foods Coming to Chicago

Look out for this dude.
Look out for this dude. Photo: Punch Pizza/Flickr

Andrew Zimmern, James Beard award winner and host of a little show on the Travel Channel called Bizarre Food, is planning a trek to Chicago this summer. Currently his team is posting on message boards for suggestions where he can feast on authentic, if dubious sounding grub. First thing we thought about were the eyeball tacos at the Maxwell Street Market, but David Hammond on LTHForum already thought of it first. Damn. That’s honestly all we have for now, unless you count what is occasionally passed off as pizza around town. What do you think Chicago? The rules and regulations are below.

From Tammy Bloom, Tremendous Entertainment for the Travel Channel:

I’m a researcher with Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. We are looking into shooting a show in Chicago this summer. I’d love any suggestions for the show. We’d like to find unique, authentic relevant foods, cool locations and great characters where ever we go. We’re looking for:

-Ethnic foods, eateries and markets (Polish, Korean, Mexican etc.)
-Unique, bizarre dives and street foods
-Interesting neighborhood restaurants
-Food producers (butchers, factories, artisanal producers etc.)
-Stores, markets, and vendors
-Signature foods and dishes
-Any unusual places, foods, restaurants, events or people you think we should know about.

Bizarre Foods coming to Chicago [LTH]

Bizarre Foods Coming to Chicago