Bella Vista Brings Brazilian Pizza to Culver City

Brazilian sweet pizza
Brazilian sweet pizza Photo: Francisco Antunes via Flickr

Following the recent introduction of Libra-by-the-Pound, another Palms/Culver City-area eatery is unleashing fast and abundant servings of Brazilian food. Thrillist welcomes new Bella Vista to Venice Blvd., serving over 25 types of thin-crust pizza loaded with meat and veggies, as well as a few kinds of dessert pizza. In typical Brazilian spirit, the pizza is all-you-can-eat, served by a roving waiter, much like in a churrascaria, but it can also be ordered individually, while pasta dishes and liquor are apparently on their way. On the menu, we see pies with dried beef and mozzarella, a florentina with tuna fish, and a sweet pizza with acai with banana. The flavors are pretty unusual for a town still overcoming its various pizza problems, but having sampled our share of great Argentine and Brazilian pies in the past, we think Bella Vista could win L.A. over just as easily as the next native-launched attempt.

10826 Venice Blvd. Culver City 310-558-2374

Bella Vista. All-you-can-eat Brazilian pizza. Seriously. [Thrillist]

Bella Vista Brings Brazilian Pizza to Culver City