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Bauer Praises the Improvement at Americano; Patti U. Calls Delica ‘Impeccable’

Michael Bauer returns to review Americano at the Hotel Vitale for the third time in five years, saying it has “steadily improved” and that the food under newly promoted executive chef Kory Stewart is now worth two and a half stars. He notes in particular the now more traditional pizza with burrata and crushed tomato, and “a very good ricotta-stuffed ravioli brightened with fava beans and preserved Meyer lemon.” [Chron]

Ms. Unterman sounds pretty pleased with the new sushi and Japanese tapas menu at Delica at the Ferry Building (sushi and tapas appears to be a mini-trend). She writes, “The entire sushi and sashimi service is impeccable,” and being a noted fan of chicken feet, cartilage, and such, she doesn’t fail to mention to some “provocatively chewy, panko-crumbed, deep-fried chicken gizzards.” [Examiner]

Mandy Erickson hits up Calafia Café in Palo Alto for the Chron, and says the food is kind of a mixed bag (to the tune of one and a half stars) with the cafeteria-style menu kind of all over the place from former Google chef Charlie Ayers. She singles out the Boho salad, “an unusual combination of butter-soft roast pork, sweet beets, crisply fresh spinach and thin onion rings,” and calls it excellent, along with several side dishes. Two stars over all. [Chron]

Bauer Praises the Improvement at Americano; Patti U. Calls Delica