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Are Ludo and Krissy the New Puck and Lazaroff?

Photo: Ludo Lefebvre

Are Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre the new Wolfgang Puck and Barbara Lazaroff? The L.A. Times thinks so, pointing out that’s it’s not just the French chef, but also his personable, hard-working wife, that have vaulted LudoBites into the national spotlight. While Ludo creates and cooks until he perfects a dish, just to “take it off the menu,” his blond bride stays busy scheduling photo shoots, marketing the brand, and running LudoBites’ front-of-the-house. Krissy offers, “He truly is a tortured artist. Me, I’m just tortured,” before clarifying, “He’s the artist, and I execute.” What’s up the couple’s sleeve for the summer?

Another mention is made of a LudoBites food truck, which sounds like it’s actually going to happen around midsummer, according to Mrs. Lefebvre, who has turned down pop-up requests in such spots as Oxnard and Thailand, which both sound like pretty safe decisions. Krissy’s past reportedly found her marketing people/brands like Shaq and Pam Anderson, but it is more likely her romantic connection and ten-year marriage to Ludo that has her able to handle a chef who says, “I want to answer to nobody.”

So are Ludo and his girl the next Puck and Lazaroff “without the 80’s glitz?” Ludo’s star is certainly skyrocketing way beyond our city borders, and maybe Ruth Recihl puts it all into perspective best when she gives her take on the comparison. “It’s a harder reservation than Spago ever was,” she swears.

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Ludo Lefebvre, L.A.’s wildly popular movable feast maker
[L.A. Times]

Are Ludo and Krissy the New Puck and Lazaroff?