Aquapocalypse Leak Repaired; Water Probably Won’t Kill You

• The catastrophic water pipe leak that caused the current boil water order has been repaired, but officials are not yet speculating on when water will be safe to use again. [Globe]

• Though the boil water order is still in effect, drinking a tiny amount of tap water isn’t likely to result in intestinal illness. [Globe]

• Kayem Foods has postponed Fenway Frank production until the boil water order is lifted. [Globe]

• Boston University has plenty of water. [BU Today]

• Despite last week’s oil spill, New Orleans seafood is not tainted. [NYT]

• Gwyneth Paltrow says she would be a restaurateur if she wasn’t a movie star. [Google]

• Restaurants use a plethora of tricks to turn over tables, like playing loud music, which causes people to chew faster. [CNN]

• Consumers are demanding that popular products, like ketchup, eliminate high-fructose corn syrup, but scientists say the syrup isn’t any worse for you than sugar. [NYT]

• Now that home bread baking is more popular, starters, blobs of yeast, flour, and bacteria, are the subjects of great fascination. [WSJ]

• Tequila is gaining prominence in the high-end cocktail scene. [NYDN]

• Once shunned by wine drinkers, plastic corks now account for more than ten percent of corks on the market. [WSJ]

Aquapocalypse Leak Repaired; Water Probably Won’t Kill You