APO’s Mysterious Restaurant Project; Elevation Burger Expands

APO has confirmed that their current move to the second floor of their location is going to free up the ground floor for a restaurant project. Details and concept remain to be revealed — but it will definitely not be a diner, as previously rumored. [Meal Ticket]

Two more Elevation Burgers are coming to the ‘burbs in the next few months, one in Collegeville at the Providence Town Center, and one in Moorestown at the Moorestown Mall. [Gluten-Free Philly]

At long last, the Philly International location of Legal Sea Foods plans to open on Tuesday. Now if you don’t want to get your Boston-style lobster at the mall, you can get it at the airport! [Philly Biz Journal]

In sadder news, Thoreau is no more. The vegetarian restaurant had only been open since February, and despite its generally favorable reviews, it fell apart over, of all things, a dispute over outdoor seating. Chef/partner Mike Jackson described the scenario as “kind of a big mess.” [Philly Insider]

APO’s Mysterious Restaurant Project; Elevation Burger Expands