5 & Diamond Starts Cooking Classes, Portuguese Brunch

Photo: Melissa Hom

Ryan Skeen sends word that he and his chef de cuisine at 5 & Diamond, Dave Santos, will launch a series of cooking classes on Monday, June 7. The first class cum supper club will focus on butchering, braising, curing, and grilling various lamb cuts and parts, with supplier Fossil Farms on hand to preach sustainability. Regarding future classes, which will occur every other Monday and cost $65 to $125, Skeen tells us, “We will be highlighting technique, service, pairings, food history, and an overall understanding of not just sustainable farms, but sustainable restaurants and their effect on their surrounding neighbors.” Also new at 5&D;: a Portuguese brunch on Saturdays, featuring sampling sizes of the items below, plus the option of $10 all-you-can-drink sangria.

Portuguese Brunch
House-made Sangria White or Red 30.

Pao Doce com Manteiga
Portuguese Sweet Bread and Butter

Camarao greillado com piri piri
Grilled Piri Piri Shrimp

Ovos com Chorizo no Forno
Oven-Baked eggs & Chorizo

Rissois de Mariscos
Seafood Turnover

Carne Alentejana
Pork & Clams
5 & Diamond Starts Cooking Classes, Portuguese Brunch