Woman Shot at Ginger Grass; Ron Jeremy Lands on Food T.V.

• An unidentified man shot a 32-year-old woman and pistol-whipped her parents at Silver Lake’s Ginger Grass. [CBS2]

• The Danone group has stopped claiming that their Activia and Actimel yogurt brands have additional health benefits beyond those found in regular yogurt. [WSJ]

• An upcoming “food porn” episode of No Reservations will feature actual porn star Ron Jeremy. [Eater Nat’l]

• A proposed international registry of whale DNA would aid in tracking down restaurants that illegally serve whale meat. [NYT]

• A gang-related shooting at a Rancho Cucamonga Boston Gourmet Pizza and Pasta put one bullet through the bedroom of two sleeping children. [Press Enterprise]

• A Spanish study shows that dark chocolate could be an effective treatment for liver cirrhosis. [MSNBC]

• Two employees at a landfill have been accused of taking cases of unused beer destined to be thrown away. [MSNBC]

• Westchester’s Custom Hotel is up for sale. [Hotel World Network]

• The last year has seen a significant drop in the spread of foodborne illnesses like shigella and E. coli, even though overall food poisoning rates have stayed level. [AP]

• Doctors in the UK are banding together to support a bill to eliminate trans fats, following in the steps of New York and Denmark. [UK Guardian]

• An academic study reveals that health insurance companies hold almost $2 billion in fast food stock, a possible conflict of interest. [CNN]

Woman Shot at Ginger Grass; Ron Jeremy Lands on Food T.V.